Voll Super


Voll Super / Voll Leer – campaign design to support WUK and its cultural venues, art spaces, workshops and initiatives.

Learning from Las Vegas

Impulse Theater Festival initially approached us to design a book about their 30th anniversary. As 2020 turned out to be a very special year, the Impulse team changed their concept and published a reader, showcasing empty theatre spaces and texts by numerous authors.


For the record: along with their new identity we designed this book for EUROPAN Austria, the biannual competition for European Architects under 26, which was released earlier this year. It is available at Park Books.

CD-Cover / Catalogue / Facsimile

This is a complicated one.
‘The Little Death’ is the title of artist Oliver Marčeta’s aka Schiebedach’s latest cd. It is also the title of his latest catalogue with facsimiles of his drawings on a note pad. For better confusion the note pad is titled ‘Le Petite Mort’ which is some kind of other language. The songs are sung in German with some heavy Slovenian accent, of course.

If you buy the cd/catalogue/facsimile-thing you can tear all 71 sheets off the note pad. You’ll then have 70 skull variations in your hands plus the track list and some credits. Also don’t forget to listen to the cd.

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Neumeister P/Review

We just designed this 120 pages catalogue for Neumeister auction house about their best results in 2019, advertising highlights for 2020.