what else?

christmas break until jan 10th

it’s hard to miss the annual year ending frenzy. We contribute with the silkscreen printed reminder that there will be 2011 soon. Peace.

land bischel

Right in time for december we installed a winter white landscape at Roland Bischels shop featuring amazing 3d-effects when passing by. Go to Traiskirchen city to check it out!

discomatic robot for sale


ok.super news for all who are desperately waiting for a chance to get hold of one of the very rare stuffed discomatic robots.
You can either visit minimal — a shop for minimal kids wear and other minimal things or fat ass robots in Vienna — or order directly via our ok.good website.

First comes first served. Hurry up!

joseph binder

a piece of water, salzburger kunstverein

migratory shirts

our bird spotting department has just taken this picture of some very rare The Matterhorns t-shirts. Only 130 specimen have been identified so far.
They are very trusting, only threatend by the most vicious shirt-eater: the common washing machine.

fresh web

The Hausstellung website, a swiftly built one, is now online. It shares content with the book (see below), but also provides the videos and audio tracks which are mentioned in the book. it’s a kind of teaser an add on.
Not very surprisingly it turned out as we planned.

wide world web

The architects Hillinger Mayrhofer asked us to transform their offline portfolio into a digital wide screen flyer. After some discussions about the internet they told us to make it wide and moving, so we made it wide and moving — mostly.

We knew they don’t do ordinary architecture (see the STANYS apartment hotel) so the technical bits of the website had to be a bit more customized than usually.

Fasten your seatbelts.

fresh books

The Hausstellung-book, one of our longest projects ever, just arrived from the bookbinders. In a long process of image editing and proofing we learned a lot about colour profiles, paper and print. The result turned out just the way we planned it (except for the delay). Hooray!

new work


Updated work in our output section: Obenauf GmbH, Huber ZT GmbH, Vintage Fashion 2010, ORTung material, Alles muss raus! 2010.

forest of porsche red

we’ve raised this little forest of bike parts and used the fast and furious colour 84 A for full aritifical blossom.

If the paint will ever dry the fruits will be put on something which was formerly known as Rockhopper (hopefully within 2010).
On the other hand: who cares about time when beauty is born.

hot metal

a sensomatic field trip

Sensomatic visited the last Viennese hot metal printer, Mr. Brandstetter, in his workshop. We were impressed by his craftsmanship and were each invited to print our own businesscards.
He uses an original Linotype typesetting machine, invented by the genius Mr. Ottmar Mergenthaler.

our studio

at your studio

Unit Editions are featuring a photo of our studio on their website. We are number 111 in their international collection of studio portraits.

press coverage

btw, sensomatic was featured in the Computer Arts magazine march issue 2010 in an article about open studios.

redesign, a web platform about eastern european art, was redesigned on the occasion of their appointment to curate the next Manifesta 8.

Czernin Verlag

book covers

Cover artworks for several books edited by Viennese Czernin Verlag. We design their non-fiction range.

SBKV online

Our new website for the Salzburger Kunstverein just went live. Typography and colours transferred to the www (and their huge archive database, too!).

fade to grey

We’ve just put the new website of photographer Claudia Mucha to life. Lovely pictures of Germany displayed on the most favourite background colour of the Krauts.

Rock’n’Roll Printer

wildstyle webiste for the print shop resch druck. Not a typical sensomatic design but also not a typical design for a printer. Which again could be a typical sensomatic design.
Anyway, name the font faces. (relaod — not this page)

way behind with updates

two book covers made in 2009. More to come (as mentioned two posts below)


We designed this book which was launched in november at Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich: Zlin - A Utopia of Modernity.

still alive

although it’s been a bit quiet on our website we are still alive and working (hard of course!).
There is no denying the fact that the visual appearance of our website has not changed for some time. Some might say it is bloody old and out of date. Right you are!
2010 will be the year of New.

Meanwhile we will update this piece of dusty bits and bytes with some nice images. So here’s the latest version of the Phaenomenale Website with some flying dice.