we lost half of our fingers cutting these two beautiful deer out of massive sheets of paper.
Nowadays you can’t rely on winter to have snow inside and outside your shop so we made extra big snow flakes to illustrate how winter was back in the days.

Go an visit Roland Bischel and his glasses for the original winter experience.

PS Yes, paper deer are really obsessed with eating radiators.

new work

A lot of new printed work still has to be archived: here is a sneak preview.

oh deer!

what’s going on here?

flowers in september

We are slightly getting obsessed with flowers made out of glasses aka. sensomatic’s glass flowersâ„¢.
You can now watch them growing (and fading) on Roland Bischel’s brand spanking new website. If you are using a not completely ancient browser (or Explorer pre now) you will spend hours with starring at your screen without having to feel guilty — it’s for your inner peace and you know it.

Thanks to the mighty skills of our favourite optoelectronic gardner Tobi Schäfer the flowers came to life with some use of scalable vector graphics and the good old javascript.

Ah, and before looking you should save your work, because now it’s time for some cpu workout.


vor Ort.

The catalogue of this year’s artist in residence programme of the Verbund will look like this.

”Vor Ort“ = ”on the ground“ if we can trust

60 years of BUWOG happiness

In collaboration with architect Corina Binder from bindermayer we designed an exhibition celebrating the 60th birthday of Austrian building developer BUWOG at Semperdepot, Wien. The architect‘s concept was to place 10 huge parcels packed with different information across the space of the Semperdepot. Sensomatic designed all the typography and wall graphics.
photo © Mario Poscharnig

clear view

The most beautiful glasses cleaner is available at Roland Bischel’s shop in Traiskirchen.

And that won’t be the last time you’ve seen our glass flowers.

swap switched

SWAP architects have switched to a sensomatic design of their website. We also altered the logo a bit and changed the design of their stationary at one swoop.
It wasn’t a swop.

Vintage Fashion

on TV!

Check out the latest issue of Metropolis on ARTE television featuring an interview with Courtenay Smith, our great client who runs the Vintage Fashion auctions at Neumeister in Munich and starring sensomatic’s beautiful catalogue in use! (the video is only available for one week; go to min 28:45)

UPDATE: Neumeister now has a youtube channel so you can see a video of the vintage fashion auction — and the catalogue, of course — there.


We produced a notebook that will be sold in the Salzburger Kunstverein Shop — a bargain for only 9 Euros — as well as an invite for their “open day”. horray!

I fart

 and I’m proud of it!


put on your sunglasses

summer has arrived and especially in Traiskirchen. Optician Roland Bischel went pop with our latest shop decoration. Our bright holiday icons make you feel like you are on vacation even if you just need some eye drops for your dry eyes.

Waiting for new glasses is fun when you sit on a deck chair (very right) on the beach under a parasol (not pictured).

Cocktails anyone?

All Must Go 2011

This year’s leaflet for the off-theatre program ‘All Must Go’ comes in this season’s bright neon colours.

Host City


Wolfsburg is not only the city of beetles, rabbits and Kunst, it is also hosting the 2011 womens world football championship. Therefore the Kunstverein Wolfsburg hosts an exhibition with 6 female artists from all countries competing in Wolfsburg. To the special occasion we produced t-shirts along with invites and posters.

EDBD 2011

We designed a two-step leaflet which functioned as invitation as well as an 8-pages-conference-paper for the European Design Business Dialogue 2011.
designaustria, the host, invited their members to submit portfolios and chose sensomatic for their "typographic expertise" to design the 2011 EDBD. The brief was to use the existing logo and typeface.

SBKV paper bags

Paper bags for the Salzburger Kunstverein (in order to shop the T-Shirts and notebooks soon to come!)

Rucksack House

If you happen to be somewhere near Bamberg make sure you go and see the Rucksack House installed by german artist Stefan Eberstadt (opening April 10th).

new covers

The latest book covers we designed for the Viennese Czernin Verlag.

easter programme

This easter colour is mint green: the Gustav Mahler Jugendorchester just got their new easter programme 2011.

fresh from the printers

just released: the new Salzburger Kunstverein annual report - magazin 15!


A new window display for our favourite client in Traiskirchen, Roland Bischel: 40 black glasses turned into flowers by sensomatic. Spring is almost here!

stick to the grid

kleber, our masters of music websites, have asked us to collaborate with them on the design of three websites for three artists of three unmistakably different genres.

Starting off with Chipmunk, who deliberately chose this name to become the champion of grime pop. Visually we obviously stuck to the flare.

Much richer by visual elements is the artwork for the latest Mike & The Mechanics release. We could choose of a variety of workshop imagery, slightly modified by filters of a Photoshop version which was available when Mike was in the charts the last time around. For some readers probably a prenatal experience.

Digging stylisticly deeper are The Vaccines. Listening to footage material of the 70’s we enjoyed playing with gradients of grey and pink clevery knitted on white by — KLEBER!.

The generations have been brought together by the infamous 300 grid and our mateys on the island.

btw. did we mention kleber?

starting today

Phaenomenale 2011

The Phaenomenale 2011 kicks off today. This year we took the world and squeezed her into format.


For the latest exhibition of the Kunstverein Wolfsburg we got our hands dirty again and printed a limited edition of silkscreen posters.

The exhibition ”X Freundschaftsanfragen“ is the Kunstverein’s contribution to the Phaenomenale 2011 (see below) and will run until the 1st of May.