and again …

break until jan 12th

merry and happy to everybody

yellow on tarmac

When we provide clients with logos they normally put them on paper or maybe plastic signs but this time they went mental and even put parts of the logo on the streets! Let it rain yellow circles!

More of the yellow invasion

low flying clouds

Screens for the new headquarters of the famous roof window maker Velux. The dots prevent people from seeing everything behind the glass. Like the nature of raindrops a flock of dots build beautiful clouds.

See for yourself

not new but

worth showing, part 1

first in a series of work that has not been documented yet: the stanys apartment hotel which we designed the (massive) lettering for. photograph by herta hurnaus.

typo joke


dead shirts

in the shelf.
The t-shirts for our favourite rock combo Holy Hurricanes are ready for covering beautiful bodies.
Order details will follow soon.

vital website

We couldn’t decide if we like white on yellow better or yellow on white so we did both. First for the main page of the project Lebendige Strassen and the latter for two two of the three subpages.

Some more information in our output (Normally “our output” would be a link to our output, but our rss robot doesn’t like a link at that position. So here is the link to our output).

zipp on paper

We didn’t tell you a lot of things recently but now it’s time to reveal what we’ve done the last couple of months.
Starting with the Zipp Magazine we will show you a lot of nice things on paper. Thanks to our Italian connection (Mr. Enrico Bravi from upstairs) we delivered a Dutch design for the German and Czech Zipp Magazine.

ascii stereo

now worldwide. The 7 ascii covers for stereolab. Move your mouse to play with the type and look for the menu.

It’s been digitalized by the magic fingers of kleber — the bestest employer ever.

zipp it

The website for Zipp — German-Czech cultural projects has been live for a while but we have been distracted from mentioning it by other things.
A great magazine and some stationary have also been produced. They will be displayed in this place later on — when we've got another little time window.

Read if you understand German or Czech.


Lady's day

Hello Marlene & Annika!

building websites for architects

We've just finished the fifth piece in our series "website for architects". But it is our first one for a female architect.
A warm welcome to Alexa Zahn and her houses/interiors to the virtual world of (building) sites.


is good for you!

the three nice men of the infamous band Holy Hurricanes now rock the web on their new, rude website. Strong language and evil images ahead.

Come to the Arena in Vienna on the 8th of May for your private Hurricane experience. Free and loud.

PS Rockers don't care about IE6 or dinosaurs like that.


A lot has been produced this year already — also at the print front: Salzburger Kunstverein — magazin 12, new invites and a preview booklet; a 'spring' invite for Neumeister in Munich; material for the Kunstverein Wolfsburg, etc.
More to come, we are busy as hell.

more film in the www

Some of the films shown at the diagonale (see below) are represented by the nice girls and office mates apomat*. Which movies exactly won't be reveiled here but on the brand new, super stripy and well cooked website of apomat*.

diagonale the second

Our redesign of our design of the diagonale website is online. Some bits, which are out of our control, are a bit off, but that will be fixed after the festival which starts next tuesday.

art vs design

On our quest to fight baroque stylee websites we are happy to announce the birth of the new website for art gallery Krobath Wimmer.

We also know now that you can buy a website from selling a piece of art, but you can't buy a piece of art from designing a website.


if lines do count as decoration, then the new equi site is almost over decorated. There are at least three images always on the site, though. The first two are on the first page, the third one is a little more hidden. That's science stylee website design!

shrunken phenomenons

this year's phaenomenale is online — for quite a bit — but this time it is more pink and not as big as last year.

Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra

We have just produced the latest GMJO-programme brochure, along with a few more things to be updated soon.