isometric bag

Our favourite perspective has been applied to the latest Roland Bischel bags. More isometric cubes to come.


Catalogue, posters and invite for a joint exhibition of 3 photography classes powered by Verbund, featuring orange silkscreen as well as offset print on grey cardboard.

1 entry, 1 winner

Our entry to the 100 best posters of Germany, Switzerland and Austria was selected as one of the winners – one of only 4 from Austria. We are looking forward to seeing the other 99.

“Wahl & Qual” (‘Choice & Anguish’) was a poster for the Kunstverein Wolfsburg. The title is a modification of the phrase “Qual der Wahl” (‘spoilt for choice’) which only makes sense in German.

Wahl und Qual, Kunstverein Wolfsburg

Its political

Our latest political and non-fiction books for Czernin Verlag.
Having started into 2014 without any expectations, this year already brought a few interesting projects. Sometimes not expecting anything at all is the way forward.

Happy holidays

We wish you a relaxed holiday break and a happy new year!
Illustration © Oliver Marceta

9 years later

9 years and over 40 start pages later we are still making special teaser images for every exhibition at the Kunstverein Wolfsburg. This time it had to be an animation again. Long live the gif!

advent countdown

It is never too late for our typographic advent calendar: Download the Bastelkit and fill each day with a little surprise for you loved one(s). Have a good start into december!

Blowing in the wind

Here is an image of Phaenomenale flags of this year’s (and upcoming) festival(s) in Wolfsburg.

This happens when you make an unreadable logo.

Purple Chairs

We’ve slightly overhauled the logo for Austria’s upcoming international book fair the ”BUCH WIEN”. The background colour was not negotiable so we added some purple illustrations to avoid instant retina detachment. Together with the new font it’s a big improvement to how it looked before.
More details when this year’s fair is over.

Blue Blocks

The latest publication of Lokale Liaison. A light item with light blue blocks.