New books

Two new books just arrived: Fluchtwege and Wachstumsstrategien, both published by Czernin. They make a good pair.

Austrian Book Prize

Now available at a bookshop near you: the brochure featuring excerpts of the longlist and debut shortlist books for this year's very first Austrian Book Prize.
Well done Max, aromatom (brochure typesetting) and Heli Amann (code) and his team.

4 years ago

Exactly four years ago Stelzhamerschule school in Linz reopened their newly designed building with giant athletic wall graphics in their gyms. We hope the Stelzhamer pupils still enjoy the murals as much as we do. Photos by the great Herta Hurnaus.

Tools in the clouds

Inspired by this cloudy summer we painted some fluffy tools (or tools in fluff?) for the latest OBENAUF/ buidling site illustration.

We like metal

Our hipster department has refurbished this beautiful Bertin bicycle. Before it was a wreck with lots of missing parts (that’s why we got it for free). Now it’s a real beauty again.

Cyclemaniac information:
Purist will probably hate the fact, that it got new wheels and show off fenders but we wanted to build something you can actually use every day. The bycicle’s previous owner had already changed the gear shift and levers. The machine hammerd fenders are as close to the wheels as you can get. Waterdrops between these two parts will probably evaporate by the friction before they reach the end of the fender. We upholstered the seat and worked hard to get the 'MAFAC RACER" breaks working again. Thanks to the French origin of the crank we couldn’t add any off the shelf pedals but had to get vintage ones with the right diameter of the thread. More details maybe once we update the output section again.

Need a bigger picture ?

celebrating 10 years

To celebrate Clemens Kirsch studios 10th anniversary we designed a giveaway bag for the party. It is a preview of his all new identity coming soon.

more bags

Plus a follow-up to It's about politics: these were the printed booklets and giveaway bags for the participants!

It's about politics

and it's happening now

TEH meeting #81 is about to take place in Vienna. sensomatic designed the identity of the conference. Go hear interesting discussions, take part in workshops, dance and listen to great music this weekend at WUK, Vienna!

Almost forgot to tell

Europe and the internet

We completely forgot to mention the beautiful website netaffair in our update list. It’s been a while since it went life but that doesn’t make it look old.

The site about Europe’s role in the emergence of the internet was part of a research project and its development has stopped with its funding. So you can see the potential of the site but unfortunately can’t access all the materials.

It’s pretty neat, though. Not just because of our design but also because of the great work of Mariann Unterluggauer, Renate Kreil, Dieter Telfser, Christian Langreiter, Kevin Booth and Maria Machacek

Back to the roots

Black and white rocks

We went back in time to the pre computer era and made this rock’n’roll flyer all by hand. They grey colour is a dot pattern for better results at the copy shop.

OK. To be honest, the grey pattern has been added digitaly but we did cut different layers of dots to the rigth size and even removed single dost manually.

If you want to attend that featured event, follow the trails of the social mania.