on August 8th



New business cards for the absofuckinglutely best masterfuckingtiler Alf Neidhardt.

Biennale 2019 digital

With the news of the solo artist at the Austrian Pavillon (see below) comes a nice and simple website, of course. in this year’s sensomatic spring colour scheme.

A new cinema for everyone

And finally: our beautiful Litfasssäule promoting the new Filmhaus cinema right up the street! Check. (photo © nadine oucherif)

Biennale 2019

Renate Bertlmann will be the solo artist at the Austrian pavilion in Venice 2019. Great news, released today in our beautiful press folders and cards, logo design by Dorit Magreiter.

And finally live:

And this is how it all started: we redesigned the Filmcasino website, now representing both Filmhaus and Filmcasino cinemas – now it is finally online and working smoothly.

Filmhaus opening

The refurbished cinema Filmhaus has opened in Spittelberggasse with new films and a beautiful new bar, illuminated by sensomatic designed neon signs and posters. So good it made it into the in the newspapers!

A new cinema for Vienna

Soon to come: Filmcasino's new branch, Filmhaus, is about to open. Be sure to check out their beautiful bar for drinks before and after the films.

One more time

We have ordered spring to come to our favorite optician’s shop with strings in red, green, yellow and blue. Walking past has never been so colourful!

two new books

Two beautiful new books by Czernin Verlag!
SOLO is going viral at the moment – check out #hotdudesreadingSOLO