What do you mean

what does it mean?

Looking back at our work for the Kunstverein Wolfsburg it seems 2015 was a dark and mysterious, yet slightly crazy year. What does this mean for 2016? Probably good luck. We wish you a relaxing christmas break and a happy new year!

100 best posters hits Vienna

See you tonight at MAK Kunstblättersaal for the opening of the 100 Beste Plakate Deutschland Österreich Schweiz show. Our catalogue is available at the MAK shop (hidden behind a giant monkey).

100 beste Plakate at La Chaux-de-Fonds

After Lucerne the exhibition 100 BESTE PLAKATE 14 was presented at Quartier Generale, La Chaux-de-Fonds. What a great space! Next up is Vienna, MAK, opening November 10th. Save the date!
Photo by Nathan Lopez via 100 Beste Plakate

Czernin covers

As presented at Frankfurter Buchmesse: our latest non-fiction and fiction covers for Czernin Verlag about neoliberalism, the pope, preconceptions and life in jewish Vienna 300 years ago.

WUK programme

October features a hopeful political color combination for Vienna's elections coming up this sunday.

Latest Lokale Liaison

Just printed: the latest issue of Lokale Liaison's report of their work for the Kunstverein Wolfsburg. Or: pink is the new orange.

Tool time

This is half of our biggest Illustration so far. At least in size.
Our client OBENAUF/ asked us to make their latest building site look nicer so we took a brush and put all the things on a washing line a builder might need.

It’s on display at the Auerspergstraße in Vienna.

OBENAUF/ Auerspergstraße Illustrations

Where is my mind?

Having fun in the sun with css animations.
The result can be watched at the latest start page of the Kunstverein Wolfsburg. Modern browsers are required an it’s probably best viewed in Safari or Chrome (90’s browser ignore style).
Center the circle behind the “mindfuck” and dive deeper and deeper and deeper …

update of output

We just updated our output section with 10 new projects.

slanted about our book

The design blog Slanted reviews the 100 Beste Plakate book and finds it eye catching. Read for yourself.