After eight years back then one of us was a member of the kleber gang. We had the chance to redesign the website for the band Stereolab and decided to treat it as 7 covers.

All page titles are animations. Some are pretty straight forward, others react depending on the cursor position, the forum one has to be reloaded several times if you want to play with all of them, radio plays nine animations depending on the unit you rollover.

Graphically you will find references to Stereolab album art as well as to the old website. It's far away from a web 2.0 stylee and will fail any usability test, starting with the menu on different places with different line breaks.

The typewriter font is the “analogue” bit of the design and appears rougher set than it actually is when you look for the details.

The layouts are fertilized and forumized by the almighty hands of kleber.