wayfinding system

Wayfinding design for the new headquarters of the ÖBB (Austrian Railway) infrastructure department in Vienna.

Part of our brief for the wayfinding design was to visually reflect the building’s origin from the 1960s.
We created a colour palette referring to the 60s as well as modular patterns based on basic shapes. The font Futura is a classic constructive Sans serif.

All patterns are inspired by historic (train) upholstery. Horizontal stripes pick up structures of tracks, landscapes and connections in general.
The bespoke patterns work as decration (real wallpaper!), screen or glass safety stickers.

Each of the seven floors has an individual shape and colour combination assigned to. General signs and floor numbers are powder-coated metal in a rough, gold(ish) finish.

Photos: © Hanna Haböck
Architecture: schenker salvi weber architekten and Günther Mohr Architect